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Toys With A Story

Each toy is given a story and has a unique attribute that sets it apart from the rest. From training toys to park toys, or from branded toys to mass distributed toys, each toy we make comes with its own original tale.

Reward Your Dog With Play Time

We make it easy for you to play with your dog. We provide 5-minute play time exercises with each toy that also includes fun and planned activities.

Shipping Free On All Items


All of our toys are one price. Only $9.99 + tax with free shipping included. 

Buy Toys For Friends

We provide a 10% discount for all dog toys bought for friends' dogs. We include a personal note from you so they know who bought them the gift.

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Chew Toys For Dogs

Dogs need daily play time with their owners. Chewing toys are a great way to play catch, hide & seek, and many other fun games with your dog. We make it easy for you to play with your dog on a daily basis. Each toy comes with a story and 5-minute exercises with activities. Playing with your dog every day promotes good health for your dog and reminds you of the love you have for your dog.